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Belated drabbles from the OTP meme!

Fandom: The Office
Pairing, prompt: Jim/Pam, learning to love the clown picture / family
For: [livejournal.com profile] ozmissage and [livejournal.com profile] invisiblelove (I hope you don't mind I combined your prompts!)
Word Count: 482
Notes: Here's the clown picture for reference.

On day 1 in the new house, Pam covered up the clown picture by tacking one of her old paintings from high school on top of it. The painting was an abstract of... something (she couldn’t remember exactly what), but the dimensions fit, so it was better than nothing.

On day 64, Jim’s old roommate Mark and his girlfriend came over for dinner. They joked that some kind of voodoo magic was keeping the thing on the wall. Pam laughed, but the next day she made Jim help her try to remove again (to no avail).

On day 487, Jim and Pam brought Cecelia home for the first time. The clown picture was forgotten completely for the next 90 days.

On day 802, the three Halperts stood in the hallway saying goodbye to Pam’s mom and sister who had come over for Christmas dinner. Jim stood next to the picture with Cecelia in his arms. Suddenly there was a loud ripping sound, and everyone turned around to see Cecelia with half of Pam’s painting in her hand. She started flailing her arms trying to get Jim to bring her closer to the frame. Pam ripped away the rest of her painting and Cecelia gurgled with delight now that the entirety of the clown picture was exposed.

On day 1075, Cecelia stood in her usual spot underneath the frame trying to reach up at it. Pam scooped her up so that she was level with the clown’s face and Cecelia placed two hands on the picture, kissing the clown on the nose. “Awww,” Cecelia cooed. “Silly clown face.” Pam put her back down and smiled after her daughter as she ran off to play with her toys.

On day 6298, Jim came home from the hardware store with some kind of solvent that was supposed to un-stick objects from a wall without hurting the paint. He tried it on the clown picture one weekend when Pam was dropping Cecelia at band practice and she got home in time to see him successfully remove it from the wall.

“What are you doing!?” she yelled at him.

“I finally got it off!” Jim said with a huge grin on his face.

“I didn’t want it off!” Pam said, looking distressed.

“Are you kidding? We’ve wanted this gone since we got here!”

“I’ve... grown accustomed to it.” Pam took the frame from Jim and put it back on the wall. “What?” She headed into the kitchen without saying another word.

Jim stood in the hall utterly confused. It was then that he noticed the flower in the clown’s hat wasn’t actually a flower at all. Instead, it was a small hand print in purple paint with “Cecelia, April ’12” written in tiny, scratchy handwriting beside it. Jim smiled. He gathered up his tools and straightened the picture frame before heading downstairs to put his things away.

Fandom: LOST
Pairing, prompt: Jack/Sawyer, (alt!verse) Poker
For: [livejournal.com profile] janie_tangerine
Word Count: 443
Notes: I figured I better write this and get it posted before it gets Jossed (or Darlton'd?) in the next two episodes as it is wont to do. Here's the original Poker scene, for nostalgia. And please excuse any poker rule violations cause I know as little as possible about the game.

It was Jack’s turn to bet. He looked across the table and eyed his competition. Jack hadn’t lost a single game in all of his years attending the charity Casino Night at St. Sebastian’s and he didn’t plan on starting now.

But this guy was good.

“Jack, this is James,” Juliet had said when she brought him over to the table. Her hands pushed down on the man’s shoulders, guiding him into the seat opposite Jack. He extended a hand and Jack shook it with a nod and a smile.

“I hear you’re a cop,” Jack said. Juliet looked surprised. “David,” he said to her, and she let out a knowing sigh.

“You can’t keep anything from that kid,” she muttered.

“Well, you heard right,” said James, a dimpled grin forming on his face.

It was the same dimpled grin he was wearing now, having just gone all-in, waiting for Jack to make his move. It was down to the two of them and the surrounding crowd waited with bated breath. Jack counted his chips. He had just enough to call, but his cards weren’t the best. All he had was a pair of nines and it was getting increasingly hard to read James. It was risky, but he had to make a decision quick or it would look like he was stalling.

“Call,” Jack said. He noticed the tiniest flicker of fear in James’s eyes. Jack laid his cards down.

“A pair of nines?” James exclaimed. “You pushed in with a pair of nines?” Jack started to feel relieved. His perfect track record as Casino Night champion was going to remain intact. James laid down his cards.

A flush.

Jack looked dumbfounded.

James laughed as he leaned forward and wrapped his arms around the small fortune he just won. “Sorry, Doc,” he said over the applause of the crowd. “If it’s any consolation, I thought you had me beat.”

“In all honesty, so did I,” Jack said. The emcee announced Dr. Shephard as the runner-up and he raised his drink to the crowd, smiling graciously. “Can I get you one of these?” he asked James. “I think the guy who finally managed to best me at poker deserves one.”

“You gonna get me drunk so I spill all my card tips, Cool Hand?” James eyed him skeptically.

“Nah, you just got lucky,” Jack said. “I’ll show you how it’s done next time.” He gestured to his drink again. “What do you say?”

“Why not, it’s for charity,” James replied. “Next one’s on me.”

From across the room, Juliet watched them get up from the table and head toward the bar. She smirked.

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