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Title: Opposite Ends
Fandom: Lost/Supernatural
Characters/Pairing: Boone/Shannon, Sam, Jess
Rating: PG-13 for language
Word Count: 467
Spoilers: Lost: 2x06 - "Abandoned"; non-specific for SPN.
Summary: Circa 2002. Shannon won't take Boone's money to go to New York for her dance company internship. They argue about it in a certain library in Palo Alto where Sam Winchester overhears.
Disclaimer: I don't own Lost or SPN. If I did, they would either be combined into one show or have crossover episodes every other week. Lost/SPN = I SHIP IT.
Author's Notes: A belated [livejournal.com profile] lostsquee 2010 Luau gift for Queen [livejournal.com profile] missy_useless, who requested crossovers and likes Boone/Shannon, and also for [livejournal.com profile] janie_tangerine, who I know adores both Boone and SPN. I'm not even really sure what this is other than the most tame/normal/non-supernatural Lost/SPN crossover to ever exist, but I hope you like it!


“Shan, will you just listen?”

“I’m sorry, I do not want to talk to you right now.”

“Well, you won’t return any of my calls so you’re gonna have to talk to me right now.”

“I already told you no. I don’t need your pity money.”

Sam was in the library stacks looking for a reference book for an English paper while a dark-haired guy and a blonde girl roughly his age were having a mumbled argument nearby. Their volume was steadily increasing and Sam’s head was not the only one raised from his book, glancing in the couple’s direction.

“It’s not just the trust fund, okay, I’m going to be making good money too, and--

“Boone, stop it. I don’t want your help, and your mom would blow a fucking gasket if she found out I took any of your money anyway, so just forget it. I’ll figure this out on my own.”

“No, Shan, I don’t think you realize how expensive living in New York can be. You can’t just... Shan. Shannon. Just wait a second--!”

The girl had turned to go, but the guy grabbed her by the wrist and continued to argue with her. She shrugged off his grip and kept walking in Sam’s direction, but the guy still followed.

Probably against his better judgement, Sam intervened. “Uh, hey,” he said, moving alongside the two and holding both hands up in front of him as if surrendering to the cops. “Is something going on here?”

Boone looked up and shot Sam one of the dirtiest looks he had ever seen. He was opening his mouth to say something when Shannon cut him off.

“Nothing’s going on, just mind your own business, okay.” Shannon had been watching Boone as she said this, the scowl on her face mirroring his. When she finally looked up at Sam, her expression flickered for a moment but her eyes remained hard. With a quick glance around at all of the faces that were looking in her direction, she turned on her heel and left.

There were a few seconds of silence before Boone spoke. “Stay out of people’s shit, man,” he warned before hurrying out of the library after Shannon.

As their audience slowly turned their attention back to their work, Jess walked up to her boyfriend with two coffees in tow. “Jesus,” she said as she handed one to Sam, looking around at the few sets of eyes still on him. “What was that all about?”

“I have no idea,” said Sam. But that was not totally true. Sam had participated in more than his fair share of family arguments; he knew exactly what they looked like, and he knew he had just witnessed one. “I should just stay out of people’s shit, I guess.”

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