Belated drabbles from the OTP meme!

Fandom: The Office
Pairing, prompt: Jim/Pam, learning to love the clown picture / family
For: [ profile] ozmissage and [ profile] invisiblelove (I hope you don't mind I combined your prompts!)
Word Count: 482
Notes: Here's the clown picture for reference.

Jim/Pam: learning to love the clown picture / family )

Fandom: LOST
Pairing, prompt: Jack/Sawyer, (alt!verse) Poker
For: [ profile] janie_tangerine
Word Count: 443
Notes: I figured I better write this and get it posted before it gets Jossed (or Darlton'd?) in the next two episodes as it is wont to do. Here's the original Poker scene, for nostalgia. And please excuse any poker rule violations cause I know as little as possible about the game.

Jack/Sawyer: (alt!verse) Poker )

Comments are appreciated!
Whooo, here we go! First dump of drabbles from the OTP Meme. I kept these ones somewhere in between 100 - 200 words, but certain ones in the future might be a bit longer. I've still got plenty to write and I have a good few in the works, so expect more relatively soon. I hope you like them (particularly those who gave me the prompts)! ♥

Fandom: Glee
Pairing, prompt: Finn/Kurt, stage fright
For: [ profile] boxseat
Word Count: 204

Finn/Kurt: stage fright )

Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing, prompt: Harry/Hermione, time-travel
For: [ profile] boxseat
Word Count: 140

Harry/Hermione: time-travel )

Fandom: Lost
Pairing, prompt: Jack/Sawyer, domesticity
For: [ profile] invisiblelove
Word Count: 136

Jack/Sawyer: domesticity )

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing, prompt: Gen, two deceased characters talk in the afterlife
For: [ profile] janie_tangerine
Word Count: 100

Ellen, John: conversation in the afterlife )

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing, prompt: Sam/Jess, first meeting
For: [ profile] wandersfound
Word Count: 166

Sam/Jess: first meeting )

Comments are like crack appreciated!
Title: You Can Rely on Family
Fandom: Lost
Characters/Pairing: Charlie/Claire, Aaron, Jack/Sawyer
Rating: G
Word Count: ~930
Spoilers: None.
Summary: AU/Post-Island: Charlie and Claire are going out for a date night. Jack and Sawyer come over to babysit.
Disclaimer: I don't own Lost. At all.
Author's Notes: For [ profile] eponine119, who requested OTPs and [ profile] angeldylan628 who requested families at [ profile] lostsquee's 2009 Luau. Seeing how this includes Charlie/Claire and Jack/Sawyer -- both of my OTPs! -- and there's a familial link between the two (Jack & Claire), I think this meets both of your highnesses requests quite well! Hope you like it!

'Ding-dong,' went the doorbell. )

Title: As Long As You Love Me So
Fandom: Lost
Characters/Pairing: Jack/Sawyer
Rating: G, utter fluff
Word Count: 271
Spoilers: None
Summary: AU/Post-Island: Jack and Sawyer play in the snow.
Disclaimer: I don't own Lost. At all.
Author's Notes: For [ profile] inthekeyofd, who requested Jack/Sawyer + white, and for [ profile] lostpuffin, who requested heat + shivers, at [ profile] lostsquee's 2009 Luau. ([ profile] lostpuffin, I'm not sure how much you like Jack/Sawyer, but this is what sprung to mind when I read your prompt. I hope you enjoy it all the same!)

'Doc, you and I just turned into 12-year-old girls.' )

(Ever so slightly late, MC! At least it's still your birthday somewhere! =P)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARICLAIRE [ profile] invisiblelove!

A fluffy Jack/Sawyer soundtrack mix

Okay, so this mix is epic, because not only is it a fanmix, but it also contains a theme: only songs from films and comes with matching drabbles. This was meant to be [ profile] invisiblelove's gift for [ profile] lostsquee's Luau 2008, but now it's a combined Queen offering/birthday gift for my bestest friend in the whole wide world. ♥ MC, I hope you like it, and I hope all you other Jawyer fans out there enjoy it too. =)

Happily - A fluffy Jack/Sawyer soundtrack mix )



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